Ferocious Fighters is competing in the Denver Brackets for Good competition! 

UPDATE: Ferocious Fighters won their Round 1 Match Up and will be continuing on to the "Supported Sixteen" round!  This round will go from 3/16 - 3/26 at 8pm Mountain Time!

Brackets for Good is a competitive fundraising event where Ferocious Fighters will compete against other Denver area non-profits to raise money and hopefully get a shot at the $10,000 tournament prize!

What would Ferocious Fighters do with $10,000?  Well, first we would be able to clear our backlog of kids waiting for Care Packages . . . then, we'd be able to get ahead so that kids that are nominated would no longer have to wait 6-8 months for a care package to arrive . . . then, we would take a good look at a medical/college scholarship fund that Patrick has up his sleeve for a day when we are all caught up!  It would make a huge difference to SO many kids!

Some things to know!  
  • Each round ends at Friday at 8pm (Mountain Time) except the last two rounds which are shorter!  More info on those later!  

  • Fill out your donor profile right away and claim your "Free Throws" these are points (dollars) that you can donate for free - so do that NOW! denver.bfg.org

  • Consider splitting your donation in 2 - one for posting right away, and one for a "buzzer beater" these can help us strategically as the other team won't know what is going to come out at the end! This option is available when you make your donation!

  • Watch how the match up is going and donate to help us stay in the lead.  Because of buzzer beaters we are shooting to have double the points of our opponent whenever possible as that is the "safest" way to try to win . . . so if we are lower than that and you are ready to make a donation, do it!  If we are higher than that, consider waiting . . . this is a marathon and we are really trying to make it all the way to the last round!

  • We have two amazing Community Teammates working with us!  We have partnered with EliteCheerleadingServices and Instant Imprints!  Watch our social media platforms for more info on both ofthese awesome organizations who have partnered with Ferocious Fighters in this awesome event!!

So, how can you help? 
Keep an eye on how Ferocious Fighters is doing and donate strategically! Check out how we are doing now by going to: Denver.BFG.org


Upcoming Events

500 Care Package Celebration and Creation Day!!

Come out and join us to create the next 60 care packages for kids battling CRPS, including #500!

March 31, 2018 From 12:30-5PM
at the
Highlands Ranch Library
9292 S Ridgeline Blvd.
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

We will be Celebrating #500 with cake and door prize drawings for volunteers at 4pm!  Come out and join us!!

#500 Celebration and Fundraiser!

The Ferocious Fighters Crew will be having dinner at Rubio's after Creation Day on March 31! 

Come out and join us to help us celebrate #500 and raise some money to send the next batch! 

When you present your flyer, 20% of your order at Rubio's Highlands Ranch from 11-9 on March 31st will be donated to Ferocious Fighters, so even if you can't join us at 5:30, stop by for lunch or a snack and bring your family and friends! 

WOW!! Look at how FAR these CARE PACKAGES travel

Those in Pink are still waiting for care packages, Those in Orange have received a care package!

Check out the map to see where we are!! 
See someone near you? Reach out to us and we can try our best to get you connected to another child fighting this beast of CRPS!!

How Many Care Packages Have We Sent?

During 2015, Ferocious Fighters sent out 70 care packages! In 2016, we sent out 116! 
And in 2017, we sent out 204 to bring out total to 390! We are just 2 months into 2018 and have already sent out 60 care packages and have another 60 going out in March!! WHOA!!

The bad news?  We have over 100 kids on our waiting list now! YIKES!

TOTALLY AMAZING WORK!! Pretty awesome, huh?

We need your help to support Patrick's dream of helping all the kids out there diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) to know that they are not alone in this battle!

Ferocious Fighters is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dreamed up by Patrick Boland when he was 9 years old.  You can learn more about the people and events that lead up to it's creation on our About Us page.  

If you are a parent with a young person (0-21) with CRPS - 

This ribbon shows the name of EACH CHILD who has CRPS that is part of the Ferocious Fighters family! (550 as of January 31, 2018)

Please, join us in working to make sure that people know what CRPS is and help us provide some measure of comfort or moments of joy to kids and teens who are fighting this disease with every breath.

Please check out the tabs at the top of this page to find information about the care/comfort packages, current fundraising efforts, ways to support us in this mission, and means to make a donation!