Ferocious Fighters Phoenix Feats!

Thanks for joining us for our 
Ferocious Fighters Phoenix Feats 
Virtual Scavenger Hunt!!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to look over the list of missions below and select the ones that speak to you! Entries will be tabulated from posts submitted between June 22nd and August 25th!

In order to be entered into the drawing to win some awesome Ferocious Fighters prizes, pick your mission, complete it and take a picture!  Then, post it on your Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter with the Ferocious Fighters hashtag, #TakeThatCRPS or submitted as described!

Picture Feats - One Entry per posted picture!
For these tasks, take a picture of yourself and Phoenix doing one of the activities found below!

Awareness Feats - Five Entries per feat completed!
Pick a feat that speaks to you and post it with the FF hashtag #TakeThatCRPS

Fierce Fighter Feats - Ten Entries per feat completed!
Not all of these Feats require a picture, so pick a feat that speaks to you and turn it in following the instructions linked below!

Draw Phoenix (FF Mascot) in a different position or doing something!
Submit by emailing your drawing, along with this release form, to info@ferociousfighters.org!

Submit a piece of artwork, poem, or short story for inclusion in the Ferocious Fighters book project!
Submit by emailing your work, along with this  release form, to info@ferociousfighters.org.

Design a Ferocious Fighters T-shirt design for Color the World Orange Competition!
Submit your design, along with this release form, to info@ferociousfighters.org.

Do a fundraiser for Ferocious Fighters!
Post a picture of yourself doing the fundraiser, or include #TakeThatCRPS in any online posts!

Take a picture with another Ferocious Fighter!
Post your picture on your (or your parents) Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram with #TakeThatCRPS and make sure you caption it with the other FF's first name and yours!

Attend a local Ferocious Fighters meet up! 
If you attend a meet up where Ferocious Fighters founder Patrick is there, we will see you, but if you get together with others in your area, take a picture and post it on your (or your parents) Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram with #TakeThatCRPS and make sure you caption it and tell us you were at a FF meet up!

Make and send in 3 scarves (fleece or knit/crochet)!
Any orange yarn will work for knit/crochet scarves. For fleece scarves, please stick to orange fleece and follow the instructions found here. When you are done, just take a picture of your work to post with the #TakeThatCRPS hashtag and send to:

Ferocious Fighters
9249 S. Broadway #200-261
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Want to see what other Ferocious Fighters are doing?  Check out Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and search for #TakeThatCRPS!