About Us

Hello! Welcome to Ferocious FIghters’ website. We are an all volunteer non-profit located in the beautiful state of Colorado.

That means the money you donate to Ferocious Fighters does NOT go to pay staff or the Board of Directors or even capital expenses.

What do we do with your generous help of donations?

Ferocious Fighters wisely spends all the money given to us for supplies and shipping/postage to support the programs we run in bringing comfort to kids with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)  or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD). Check out our Donation Page for information about our programs!

Our mission is to let the kids know “YOU ARE NEVER ALONE”.

Our motto is “We will not let CRPS/RSD Win!”

How did we get started you may ask?

Well let us tell you the story of Ferocious Fighters beginnings...It is a dream that started brewing in the mind of a young boy, Patrick Boland, who was 9 years old at the time of his diagnosis of CRPS. By the age of 10, his mom, Meg Boland, started fundraising and Ferocious Fighters became official in November of 2014. Patrick is now 14.

As an inpatient at Children’s Hospital Denver, due to a great support system, Patrick enjoyed numerous gifts and visits from friends and family during his stay. However, it was clear to Patrick that other pediatric patients were not in the same position. As Patrick got to know other kids with CRPS/RSD through a kid’s’ group he started on Google Plus, he found that many of them had to spend an extended amount of time in the hospital without their parents being allowed to stay with them. Patrick wanted them to receive something to let them know they were not alone through the experience of heading to inpatient or extended therapy programs away from home. So he began saving his money to purchase small gifts for these kids; kids that Patrick had never met at all, or kids who he knew only virtually through the Google Plus group.
While Patrick has been incredibly lucky/blessed to be able to live his life most days despite the constant pain, he remains very aware that other kids are struggling with the overwhelming and unrelenting pain across the world.

Ferocious Fighters sent out our first 7 care packages in January 2015.The next round we shipped 10. By the end of our first year, we had sent out a total of 70 care packages to kids (0-21yrs) with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome across the USA as well as Internationally! As of the end of 2017, we have now sent out 390 care packages to kids all around the world!

If you are a parent or caregiver with a young person between ages of 0-21yrs with CRPS ~ Nominate them for a care package!

Please, join us in working to make sure that people know what CRPS is and help us provide some measure of comfort or moments of joy to kids and teens who are fighting this disease with every breath.

Please check out the tabs at the top of this page to find information about the care/comfort packages, current fundraising efforts, ways to support us in this mission, and means to make a donation!

Need to Contact Us?

Email: info@ferociousfighters.org

Phone #: 303-900-2663 

On Facebook Private Messaging: Ferocious Fighters

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